There Are More Women Than Men in Canada: How to Satisfy Multiple Partners, STD

There Are More Women Than Men in Canada: How to Satisfy Multiple Partners, STD

There Are More Women Than Men in Canada: How to Satisfy Multiple Partners, STDIt's a fact: most places in the world have more men than women, and that includes Canada. So what do us, as men who are admirers and lovers of beautiful women, do with this information? Well, we men in Quebec suggest going and doling out as much of that love and possible. Meet as many women as you can, pick the ones you like that enjoy your company in return, and have a fantastic time. We're all adults, and if you're single, you might as well enjoy it. We live in the 21st century where you're no longer expected to marry and have a child at age 20. You're in your prime, and it's time to go out and explore. So here's the thing: although there's more women than men that compose the country's population, they're still picky. You have to keep up your game, even if you're not exclusive, because if you disappoint a woman with high expectations (in other words, all of them), she's going to drop you. We've come up with a few tips based on our collective experiences of how to keep the women you're seeing happy, and continue with the lifestyle to which you've become accustomed and enjoy.

Tips for Keeping Up Your Stamina

If you're trying to satisfy multiple partners, it's important to keep up your strength and health. You don't want to start disappointing the women you're involved with by being tired all the time. The key to good sex is one in the same as good health - exercise, healthy eating habits, and rest. You can't satisfy a woman if you're falling asleep and you had potato chips for dinner the night before. Go the gym, eat some vegetables, drink eight glasses of water a day, and sleep a full eight hours per night. It's guaranteed that you'll be much more able to satisfy all your sexual partners, and not disappoint anyone. You'll be popular on the best adult sex dating sites recommended by this group, and you can carry on with your preferred lifestyle.


There Are More Women Than Men in Canada: How to Satisfy Multiple Partners, STDThis doesn't have to do with the physical so much as the psychological aspect of sex. The best adult sex websites always advise to schedule carefully, because the worst thing you can do is blow off one woman in order to be with a different woman. If the first lady finds out, you're toast, and word travels fast. Choose your partners carefully, because time is always an investment. Every time you go and hook up with one of the women you're dating, it's another afternoon or evening that you could have been doing something else. Obviously don't tell them that, but just as you choose to spend your time wisely on other things; spend time with only women whose company you enjoy. Never feel obligated to do something you don't want to, especially if you haven't committed to anything more than a friend with benefits. Scheduling matters, though, because you also can't afford to offend the women you're truly interested in. Therefore, we suggest, as per the best adult sex dating sites, to keep a pocket calendar. It may sound old-fashioned, but it's really not. Avoid keeping sex appointments on your phone or any other mobile device. Marking off a physical pocket calendar with initials of who, when, and where, is a good way to keep track of who you've promised your time to. An added bonus is that if a woman ever found it and actually cared you were seeing other ladies, it would be difficult to decipher. If you're going to juggle sex partners, even if it's out in the open, do it carefully, because slighting a woman is very easy.

Keeping Their Interest Alive (As Well as Yours)

There Are More Women Than Men in Canada: How to Satisfy Multiple Partners, STDYou've managed to maintain a sex schedule without any mishaps, and you've kept yourself healthy. Now what to do once you've been sleeping with a woman for a while? The initial charm of someone new inevitably fades, and it happens for both people involved. Spice up your current hookup partners by introducing something more fun into the mix. The beauty of having women you have sex with on a regular basis, but aren't exclusively dating, is that you get to know them and what they're interested in. It's like having the sexual benefits of a relationship, and the ability to confidently introduce kinks, but not having to worry about doing the dishes or being monogamous. Many women are relatively forthcoming about their kinks these days, and inevitably, most of the women you're sleeping with probably have some kind of toy they use solo on a regular basis. Ask them about it. Tell the next woman you're with that you're interested in spicing up your sex life, and that you've been thinking about the potential of experimenting with kinky toys to liven it up. Chances are, the woman you're sharing this information with will have lots of advice.

Taking the Wrong Types of Risks

There Are More Women Than Men in Canada: How to Satisfy Multiple Partners, STDThe wrong types of risk involve sleeping with a woman who doesn't get regularly tested for STDs, or gives you a hard time when you ask her about it. If a person - male or female - is into promiscuity and frequents only the best adult sex dating sites, it's important to get tested on a regular basis. If a woman acts as though you're insulting her by asking whether she gets regularly tested - we assume you personally do, because you should - you should take it as a warning sign. It's great to get laid on a regular basis, but you have to take practical precautions, just like any other lifestyle choice. For example, you wouldn't go into a tattoo parlor and scoff at the idea that the needle might be unclean. If you were getting inked and you weren't sure about the hygiene of the place, you'd be out of there in a flash. The same goes for sex. If a woman isn't forthcoming about her own personal wellbeing and regularity of STD testing, don't even consider including her in your rotation, her loss - your gain, especially if you avoid getting herpes.

Signs You Have Enough Women in Your Life

There Are More Women Than Men in Canada: How to Satisfy Multiple Partners, STDHow much is too much? We would've said that you can never have enough sex, but that was in our younger years, when we didn't bother to really think about what "good" and "bad" sex meant. Good sex is the kind of sex you work for - by being healthy and wanting to please the woman you're involved with in a reciprocal capacity. When you're an adult, sex means: she goes down on you, you go down on her, and everything is right with the world. The thing is, when you can no longer handle the energy it takes to keep up with a woman who's good in bed, you have enough sexual partners. In this case, quantity is NOT better than quality, especially when you're a man with taste. Focus on the women you're already involved with and learn how to make the sex even better. Adding more ladies into the rotation is only going to make you more tired, and sex is going to become more like a chore than something to look forward to. There is nothing more depressing than a man who heaves a sigh about having sex with a woman, as if he was just asked to go work in a coal mine.